Level 1 Countermeasures Core Concepts

Elektronik aramadaki ilk temel prensipler ve bilgiler verilmektedir. Bu eğitim programı yurt dışında 5 gün olarak verilmektedir.

Countermeasures Core Concepts - Level 1
Prerequisite: None

The five (5) day Countermeasures Core Concepts course introduces students to the components of a countersurveillance investigation and the related sweep equipment. Students will learn about telephone testing, non-linear junction detectors, basic RF search techniques and investigative procedures. This course is designed to introduce and familiarize the technical security specialist with various counter surveillance equipment.

Course topics include:

• Threat overview of commercially available devices
• Telephone testing procedures and equipment
• Physical search procedures
• Overview of various TSCM equipment including:
− CMA-100
− REI Broadband Receiver
− Other various unique physical search equipment
• General overview of commercial TDR, Thermal Imager and X-Ray equipment

All course concepts are reinforced with hands-on practical exercises.


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