Level 3 Talan Certification Course

Talan cihazının kullanım eğitimini teorik ve pratik program ile sunmaktadır. Bu eğitim programı yurt dışında 5 gün olarak verilmektedir. Detaylı Bilgi için firmamız ile iletişime geçiniz…

TALAN Certification Course - Level 3
Prerequisite: Countermeasures Core Concepts Level 1 & TALAN Telephone
Countermeasures Level 2

This five (5) day advanced Digital Telephone course provides one and a half days of refresher training on the TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer, and two and a half days of pass/fail certification testing; the last day is reserved for retraining and retesting advanced concepts of the TALAN. Individuals successfully completing the course will receive certification that the individual has demonstrated satisfactory proficiency with the TALAN. This course includes a written test, as well as hands-on operational tests.

TALAN Certification course topics include:
• Block Tests: DMM (Digital Multimeter); Audio Tests; RF; Line Driver
• Telephone Unit Test: DMM; Audio; RF; Line Driver
• Overview TALAN VoIP capabilities
• Line NLJD Test
• FDR Frequency Domain Reflectometry Test
• Line Tracer Test

All course concepts are reinforced with hands-on practical exercises. Upon successful completion of the testing, students will be granted R.E.C. (REI Equipment Certified) credentials including a certificate. The R.E.C. credentials will be valid for one-full-year.



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